Zombies from Plants Vs Zombies Promote Tooth Decay

The above video features the zombies from Popcap’s Plants Vs Zombies teaming up with bacteria and bad smells to promote poor dental hygiene.

Of course Popcap games are not really telling kids to forget brushing. They’re instead teaming up with ADA (American Dental Association) to raise awareness of daily brushing this Halloween and to eat sugary snacks in moderation. To sooth the pain of telling kids not to enjoy the many candy treats that’ll be given out on the 31st, they’re giving away free copies of Plants Vs Zombies to hand out to the kiddies instead. Simply head over to your local dentist and ask if they have the limited-edition, collectible Plants vs. Zombies trading cards with the code for a free Plants vs. Zombies game.

In the extremely likely event that you can’t be bothered to pester your dentist, you can download and print off your own cards to hand out this Halloween. Simply click here or visit for more information.

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