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Transformers Prime is an upcoming videogame based off the computer-animated cartoonshow of the same name; which in turn seems to be a mix up of the classical design of the 1980’s cartoon with the Michael Bay movie designs. The plot-line is that Metatron is attempting to take over the world using some ancient piece of technology he found on an asteroid, while Optimus Prime and Co must attempt to stop him. Or something like that, I don’t expect the plot line to very deep.

The gameplay itself seems to be a mixture between fighting and driving sections. We’ll be able control a selection of Autobots to fight against the evil Decepticons in the single player, while in multiplayer we’ll have access to 11 different machines.

For more information view the fact sheet below.

  • Interact with TRANSFORMERS characters like never before – Designed for the unique interactivity of the Wii U™, the game allows fans to tilt their gamepad to steer BUMBLEBEE through a collapsing canyon, upgrade OPTIMUS PRIME’s combat abilities through their gamepad touchscreens, and more.
  • Epic TRANSFORMERS Gameplay in HD – The game utilizes the power of the Wii U, featuring dazzling visuals in 1080p resolution with authentic character models straight from Polygon Pictures, Inc., the Japanese CG animation studio for the TV show.
  • Jump Straight into the Action – With the humanity on the brink of survival, players will fight through heroic battles in a huge variety of 3rd person action brawling, shooting, driving and melee combat, all the while wielding the power to change form and power up each AUTOBOT with unique weapons and special abilities.
  • Play as Iconic and Fan-Favourite Characters – Fans will get to play as all their favourite characters from the show including OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, ARCEE and more to defeat MEGATRON, STARSCREAM, THUNDERWING and the DECEPTICON army.
  • Explore a Brand New Storyline to Continue the Saga – The game centers around an epic campaign with original story set directly within the TRANSFORMERS PRIME universe, allowing players to forge close relationships with the humans Jack, Miko and Raf and embark on a journey to exotic locales such as Greece, South America and even outer space.
  • Challenge Your Friends and Test Your TRANSFORMERS skills – Players can choose from 11 different playable characters from both the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS factions to compete with or against their friends in adrenaline-pumping

 The game is being released on the 3DS, Wii and Wii U with the release date set for the 30th of November. Screen shots below!


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