The Walking Dead Cast.

You caught me, I love zombies and I found this excellent series called the Walking Dead last year. The story never stops and there at multiple points when you think “yeah this could work out and they’ll manage to survive” only for a tank to come crashing through the barrier and really mix up the story. The whole series doesn’t stagnate and the whole point of it was to show the complete story, “a zombie movie that never ends” and so far the comic has lived up to this potential.
Naturally I was excited about the TV miniseries that is due to premiere on the AMC network in October 2010, during the network’s "Fearfest" (even if it’ll be a long time before I see it). Those new to the series, yet fans of zombies in general, will be in for a real treat; so here’s a quick snap shot of the cast.
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale
Jon Bernthal as Shane
Laurie Holden as Andrea
Steven Yeun as Glenn
Keith Allen Hayes as Tyreese
Melissa Suzanne Mcbride as Carol

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