The Escapists The Walking Dead Crossover Announced

Team17 have today unveiled that they are developing and publishing The Escapists The Walking Dead, a new game in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment.

Meodia’s Games of the Year 2012

Meodia looks back at and decides what our favourite games of 2012 are.

The Walking Dead: Episode 5: No Time Left Review

A review of the final chapter of Telltale Games's The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Collector’s Edition Officially Announced

Includes the 2012 game and issues of the comic.

The Walking Dead: The Game Collector’s Edition Rumoured

Comes complete with the comic book and a disk version of the game.

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Review

A review of the penultimate episode.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 Arises in October

And a retail collection coming in December.

The Walking Dead Game: Episode 3: Long Road Ahead Review

Finally the third edition of Telltale games’ licensed The Walking Dead point and click adventure game is released. Rather suddenly too, somebody needs to tell the good folks at Telltale that episodic gaming needs more advertising, not less. Releasing the next part of your game with little fanfare is not the way to go. At any rate I’m glad to continue this story.  If you haven’t already played the ...

The Walking Dead: Episode 2: Starved for Help Review

Finally the second episode of The Walking Dead is released, only a month late but late enough to annoy plenty of people. This is the episodic game had ties in with the comic book of the same name, nothing really to do with the impressive AMC series also of the same name. If you’ve yet to pick up the first episode check out this review; you don’t want to read this one as spoilers for the previous e...

The Walking Dead: Episode 1: A New Day Review

The Walking Dead series is one of my favourites, from the comic series to the impressive AMC drama series of the same name, I just can’t get enough of it. So I’m very bias when it comes to this downloadable Point and Click/adventure/visual novel we have here. The game will be released in five parts, so far they’ve only cost 400MS points each (That’s five dollars in old-timey money) and you certain...

The Walking Dead Cast.

  You caught me, I love zombies and I found this excellent series called the Walking Dead last year. The story never stops and there at multiple points when you think “yeah this could work out and they’ll manage to survive” only for a tank to come crashing through the barrier and really mix up the story. The whole series doesn’t stagnate and the whole point of it was t...

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