5 Missed Franchises That Need A Comeback

Here are 5 franchises that haven't been so active lately that could use a boost.

Starfox: To be, or not to be?


New Starfox this, new Starfox that; there’s been a lot of talk about the series recently, so here’s a little filler in for the people who haven’t been closely following. You may have read the articles back a few weeks claiming that in the next Nintendo Power issue, a new Starfox game for Wii would be revealed. The rumoured game, titled "Star Fox Wii: Battle for Corneria"...

Nintendo Wii: Star Fox Wii Set to Be Unveiled In Nintendo Power?


Rumours are abound that suggest the next iteration in the Star Fox franchise could be coming to the Wii soon. Turkish gaming news site, Nintendocu, are stating that the next Star Fox game is set to be unveiled in the next issue of Nintendo Power. The game itself is titled Star Fox Wii: Battle for Corneria and will incorporate online play as well as support for Wii MotionPlus. -sickr.wordpress.com

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