6 Hidden gems you need to play this generation

A hidden gem is something good that not as many people know about as the more high profile games. Here are some games you might have missed this generation. Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Platforms- PS4, PS3 Guilty Gear Xrd is a fighting game developed by the criminally underrated Japanese developer Arc System Works. The presentation of this game is incredible with cel-shaded characters and stunning backg...

Rainbow Moon Coming to PlayStation Vita in December!

EastAsiaSoft have announced that Rainbow Moon is coming to Vita this December!

Dragon’s Crown Now Available on PlayStation 3 and Vita!

Atlus have announced that Dragon’s Crown for the PlayStation 3 and Vita is in stores now across North America! Also available as a digital download on PSN.

Square Enix Announces Chaos Rings Now Available on PlayStation Vita!

Square Enix is proud to announce that the best-selling mobile role-playing game, Chaos Rings, is now available to PlayStation Vita owners!

5 Ways for the Vita to Gain Momentum

The Vita isn't dead but it definitely has some troubles. Here are some ways it can hopefully bounce back.

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