Meodia’s Top 10 Wii Games

With the Wii U release imminent we run down the top 10 Wii games.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Review


[img][/img]   When the Texas-based developer Retro Studios revived and converted Metroid into three dimensions, a golden era began for Nintendo’s classic sci-fi franchise. Metroid Prime was the starting sign for a substrate in the Metroid series that would eventually consist of three top quality action-adventure games (not cou...

3 more games discontinued alongside Metroid Prime Trilogy


  The Metroid Prime Trilogy was recently discontinued. Today, CWG reports that MPT is not the only Wii game to be discontinued by Nintendo as more games have been cancelled.   CWG reports confirmations from Nintendo that it will no longer produce or ship Battalion Wars 2, Mario Strikers Charged, or Wario Land: Shake It! saying, "Mario Strikers Charged (2007), Battalion Wars 2 (2007)...

Metroid Prime Trilogy is no longer being Shipped.


  The Metroid Prime Trilogy which features all three of the acclaimed Prime game series is no longer being shipped according to Nintendo via Coffeewithgames This comes after only four months of the game’s release and being the Gamecube games to get a new Wii control upgrades.   “Metroid Prime Trilogy…it is no longer being shipped. When first introduced, it was announced...

Metroid Prime Trilogy Pack


The two previous Metroid Prime titles have been announced to have the “Wii Play” treatment adding Wii-motion gameplay mechanics similar to their predecessor Metroid Prime 3: Corruptions marking these games as a must buy for those that missed out on the GameCube originals and even for those that just want to play them again with the Wiimote.       Nintendo have said that ...

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