The Cave Review

The Cave is the latest game to come out of Double Fine Productions  and is the brain-child of Ron Gilbert, who is perhaps the granddaddy of the Point-and-Click genre…if not that then at very least very influential to its development. Godfather maybe, or perhaps a distant cousin who Point-and-Click hung around with during its formative years? I think this analogy has gotten away from me; the point ...

Projects Chosen for Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight


With over 75000 votes.

Double Fine Launches a Humble Bundle

Lets you choose what games are developed during Amnesia Fortnight.

New The Cave Screens Revealed

What seems like ages ago I talked about Double Fine’s new game The Cave. Headed by Ron Gilbert, the Godfather of the adventure game genre, and published by Sega it’s looking like it’s going to be an amazing game. The player takes control of three characters (out of seven) as they explore the titular cave. Each character is an unusual character featuring (among others): a Medieval Knight, an Inbred...

Iron Brigade Review

Iron Brigade (previously called Trenched)  is an odd mix of World War 1 trench warfare, mech battles and tower defence. A mix that seemingly doesn’t go together all that well. Oh sure WW1 and tower defence works, as Toy Soldiers has shown, but how can giant bipedal walking robots gel with the rest of the game? Well let’s see how such an odd set up happened. During WW1 two brave soldiers (Frank Woo...

A look at the new puzzle game The Cave

The Cave is the latest adventure title from Double Fine Productions and is headed up by Ron Gilbert.

A Double Fine Adventure


  Yes Double Fine studios the guys that brought us ‘Psychonauts’ and ‘Brutal Legend’, headed up by Tim Schafer who worked on ‘Day of the Tentacle’, ‘Monkey Island ‘and ‘Grim Fandango’, is getting ready to create a new point and click adventure game. All he needs is $300,000 to make the game and an additional $100,000 to fund the film...

Psychonauts Review


  Psychonauts, yes this old game is still around and for sale at Valves’ Steam so you know maybe after reading this you may feel like picking it up. For those not in the know Psychonauts is made by Double Fine (presumably named after they fact you take a double look at everything you see in the game) with the lead developer, Tim Schafer, behind such games as Full Throttle and Grim Fanda...

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