Meodia’s Top 10 Wii Games

With the Wii U release imminent we run down the top 10 Wii games.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review


Writing this review turned out to be a very difficult task that took a lot longer than I expected. The game itself is completely to blame. Retro’s take on the Donkey Kong franchise is just absolutely packed full of content. So much so that it was a chore deciding what to include in this writing and what to leave for you to find on your own. All the while coping with my eager need to keep pla...

Donkey Kong Country Returns


Wow it really has been a long time since the last proper Donkey Konga game hasn’t it? The last one was on the N64 and back then it seemed as if the old Ape was going down the road of Mario and taking his furry ass to the 3D-realm (not 3D gaming, boy will this get confusing shortly) but another game never appeared. Well finally Donkey Kong is back with Donkey Kong Country Returns; and not a B...

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