Sound Shapes: Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack Review


Sound Shapes has received it’s first pack of extensive download content for fans of the game. It is yet to be seen what will come out of this for the community, but already the Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack offers plenty for the small price of two dollars. This new DLC comes packed with three new levels, five beat school challenges, and new items for the level editor. As with the game itself, the pack is crossbuy so it only needs to be bought once to be playable for both the Playstation 3 and Vita.

The three new levels for the campaign are admittedly short as they are mainly there to show off the new cars and introduce players to the controls to them. The levels are quite fun though as they are well designed and these levels play quite a bit differently than the main game as they completely take advantage of the cars and curved terrains. The new music for “Do You Wheelie Want to Hurt Me?” as the mini-album is called, is also great and is a bit heavier than what is in the rest of the game. Unfortunately though, no death mode challenges are included so the new content as far as the campaign is concerned is over in a flash. So those not interested in the other modes of Sound Shapes may want to consider whether $2 is worth a few minutes of content or not. The levels are somewhat challenging at first but once the controls are learned, it’s smooth sailing from there.

As with the last few $1 DLC packs, this pack does offer five new Beat School challenges. They go the same as usual, listen to the beat and try to place the notes. Beat School can be challenging but is very generous with five silver trophies to be earned(or 10 for those with a PS3 and Vita). It can take a while if played properly except for those who have super hearing without looking up the solutions.

The greatest of value that comes from the Car Pack though, is that it means that we can see some new widely different levels from what we’ve seen before in the community. The campaign is short but the new items to the editor have a lot of potential for making some great levels. It’s been less than a day so not much is out yet but the potential is there.  The Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack is easily recommendable for those who enjoy Sound Shapes. There isn’t a huge amount of content but it can be game changing for community levels and the price is appropriate. Community levels can of course be played without buying the DLC but it’s more than worth it for those who make levels, and would be recommended for those who just play as well because the mini-album included is an excellent tutorial.

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