Hello gamers, we’re giving out a 30 day PlayStation Plus code to one of you that manages to impress us the most. The rules are quite simple, you just have to tell us what your favorite PS3 game is, and also explain why right here in the comments below. The most unique and passionate answers have a higher chance of being selected in a weeks time by Sunday 30th, we want to give enough time so that everyone can take part.

So then, tell us, what is the best game you have played on PS3 and why? Don’t be afraid to get creative. The game can be a multiplatform title as well.

NOTE: Don’t forget to use your real e-mail when commenting so that we can contact you in case you win.

UPDATE: The giveaway has concluded and we don’t take any more entries. We will now discuss it among ourselves and pick our favorites before we announce the winner soon.

UPDATE: Congratulations DVMO_O! You have been selected and win a 30 day PS Plus code so be sure to check your inbox. Thank you everyone for entering the contest.

Greg is in fact a cute little fluffy kitten that likes cake, games... and undead. Thinks that Zombies are so 2008, and would like to see some skeletons and wraiths take the spotlight for a change, they need love too!

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