So far Guild Wars Temple did a great job of monitoring and updating the three dragon timers for world bosses. Each of those has about a 3 hour cycle until they spawn so players could have used this useful bit of info to better organize their playtime and also to easily grab some extra loot. As of now the so called “Dragon Timers” won’t be counting down just the dragons, but two more low level and two more high level events as well. These are the Shadow Behemoth in Queensdale, Fire Elemental in Metrica Province, Megadestroyer in Mount Maelstrom, and the Temple of Balthazar event in The Straits of Devastation.

Guild Wars Temple covers pretty much all servers, so you can keep checking your own server right here. Keep in mind that these guys need your help to keep the timers accurate and up to date, you can vote and report updates on the site for each timer as you keep witnessing them in the game. There’s more world bosses out there (namely the Hydra and the Steam Ogre) and seeing how other events are being included as well, Guild Wars Temple might soon become your #1 place to visit while those loading screens do their jobs.

Greg is in fact a cute little fluffy kitten that likes cake, games... and undead. Thinks that Zombies are so 2008, and would like to see some skeletons and wraiths take the spotlight for a change, they need love too!

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