22 Cans, a game studio set up by Peter Molyneux, are currently in the middle of raising funds for the next game on Kickstarter called Project Godus. They haven’t had an easy time of it, as we’ve already mentioned in another article. In 28 days they’ve raised £386,626 (~$628,422) which is still short of their goal of £450,000 (~$724,140).

So to raise interest (and funds) they’ve been working extremely hard in getting a basic prototype to show the concept of the game (see above). Only the problem now is that people are confused about what a prototype; is saying that the game looks boring…sigh. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t it seems.

It’s a game about controlling the elements and leading your tribe to victory; by annihilating your foes with a flourish of steel in the hands of your people and spattering of hellfire from your own divine hands. The prototype might look boring because at the moment they’ve only just figured out landscape tools and the basics of the population building houses. It’s not representation  of the final product, it’s but a seed that will germinate into a mightily oak…if only it got the required compost, erm, funding.

This reminds me of Planetary Annihilation and how Uber Entertainment recently showed off a prototype of the upcoming game. Throughout the live stream they were saying how they’ve never showed their work like this before and the big reason was because they feared people just wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t even show their prototypes to a Publisher, the people that should know better, so I wonder if 22 Cans have done the right thing here?

Anyway Project Godus will end in a mere 69 hours if they don’t raise the ~£63,000 needed then this could be the last we heard out of the game. If you’re interested in the game check out Project Godus’ Kickstarter page.


Update: While actually writing this up 22 Can’s have published another video showing off a prototype of the Multiplayer of the game, you can’t say they’re not trying their hardest.

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