Epic Games Open New Studio

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Epic Games( the developers behind the Gears of War Franchise, Infinity Blade and who can forget Epic Pinball) are planning on opening a new studio in Seattle. The Seattle studio will primary be involved in working on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) technology.  Epic is currently looking for “senior-level talent specializing in online game services and infrastructure” to join the studio.

The Unreal Engine is an extremely popular and versatile game engine, Unreal Engine 3 was first introduced to the world when Gears of War was announced back in 2006. Since then it has appeared across nine different platforms and licensed to over 300 games which include: Batman Arkham City, Boarderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars 1313 and (who could forget) Hail to the Chimp. UE4 was first shown to the public earlier this year had as won numerous best tech awards including: IGN’s “Coolest Tech” Best of E3 2012 award, Game Informer’s “Best Tech” E3 2012 award and GamesRadar’s “Best Taste of Next Gen” E3 award.


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