Double Fine Launches a Humble Bundle

Double Fine Studios have launched a Humble Bundle with a difference. The Humble Bundles if you don’t know are DRM free games, you can pay what you want for them and some of the proceeds go towards charity, you can also decide what portion of your money goes to what. The difference is that instead of releasing actual finished games made by indie developers, Double Fine are releasing prototypes of their previous games. Pay what you want and you’ll get to play the prototype of Costume Quest and the prototype for Once Upon a Monster (called Happy Song) and if you pay more than the average you’ll get access to a previously unseen prototype for an unreleased game called Brazen.

Now I know you might not be sold on the idea of “buying” prototype games, no matter how cheap they are, but there is more. Every year Double Fine has Amnesia Fortnight, where they forget all the other projects that they’re working on, split into small teams and create a workable demo for a brand new game. Ever wondered how they hell Double Fine ends up with so many unique and interesting games? Amnesia Fortnight is the answer, it allows everybody at Double Fine a chance to lead the development on their own game, something almost no other game developer would allow. Games, other than the prototypes in the bundle, to come out of this process are; Iron Brigade and Stacking.

Normally Tim Schafer is the one to choose which projects get the go ahead but this year the public will decide. Once you’ve paid you’ll have access to the pitch videos of all 23 proposed projects and get to vote on the ones you like the best. Pay more than $1 and you can vote for as many projects as you want. The top four voted will get the go ahead to be made into prototypes. Aside from the fact you may be helping to decide the next full game to come out of Double Fine you’ll also gain access to those prototypes as well. Oh and the project will be documented by 2PlayerProductions, the same guys that are doing the documentary from the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project, so expect a high-quality documentary.

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