So I’ve recently come off playing Darksiders II, I enjoyed it, but now I feel like my life is missing nothing. Didn’t know what to fill it with; until now that is! TriForce Sales have just announced a new series of Darksiders II memorabilia.

“We are all fans of the Darksiders universe brought to life by Vigil and THQ.  It was a great challenge for us to tackle the art style created by Joe Madureira when working on the Death statue,” said Drew Seldin of TriForce.  “From a sheer scale point of view the Death Scythe replica is by far our most ambitious mass produced piece we have ever worked on.”

First up are two statues of Death and his trusty crow, Dust.  The statues are hand-finished and hand-painted to precision quality. Made from polystone, each one measures in at 32″ in height, weighing 20 pounds, and both feature working LED effects.  We have the “Premier” edition for $150 with a limited run of 500 pieces to be made and the “End of Days” edition that costs $162.50 (because why not?) which will have a limited run of only 150 pieces. The difference; well one has white scythes and the other black.

But what will really fill that empty dark hole in my heart is the full sized 1:1 replica of Death’s Death Scythe. Again hand-finished, hand painted and made out of polystone (so you can’t use it as a real weapon, sorry). This beast measures in at 70 inches long, 48 inches high and weighs about 46 pounds. Also of note is that those runes on the size of the weapon are actually fully functional LEDs, which means you can even admire it in the dark. And believe me you’ll want to get your money’s worth as the scythe costs $225.00…on second thought I think I can live with that hole in my heart but not the hole in my wallet.

If you on the other hand really want to own one of these head over to Project Triforce.

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