Spends his days reporting on games, talking about games, thinking about games, watching videos about games and reading about games. So much so has little time to actually play any of them.

Mass Effect 3 – Citadel DLC Review

And so the end is near.

Resident Evil 6 Review

Some series shouldn't keep coming back from the dead

The Cave Review

The Cave is the latest game to come out of Double Fine Productions  and is the brain-child of Ron Gilbert, who is perhaps the granddaddy of the Point-and-Click genre…if not that then at very least very influential to its development. Godfather maybe, or perhaps a distant cousin who Point-and-Click hung around with during its formative years? I think this analogy has gotten away from me; the point ...

Season’s Greetings from Meodia

Happy holidays everybody! Chances are we’re not around right now; too busy eating turkey, opening presents, feigning interest, trying to tolerate our family and just generally trying to chill out. Doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you! To prove it we’ve mocked up a festive image to celebrate the season. Enjoy until we return, it’s mandatory.

Fantastic Fan-Made Majora’s Mask Re-mix Album Available

And this just in: the world didn’t end!

Meodia’s Games of the Year 2012

Meodia looks back at and decides what our favourite games of 2012 are.

THQ Now Officially Filing for Bankruptcy

But it will survive the ordeal.

Project Godus Fully Funded

And additional stretch goals announced.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Announced

With another Six Indie Games up for grabs.

New Total War: Rome II Video

Looking at the “Unmaking” of Carthage.

Godus Prototype(s) Now Viewable

22 Cans show’s off the basics in their next game.

The Faces Behind the Videogame Voices: Part 4

A look at the people that provide the voices for videogame characters.

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